Tohoku University Department of Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biomolecular Engineering

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Reaction Process Engineering

Development of technology and equipment for simultaneous production of foods, chemicals and fuels from waste biomass

The research purpose of our laboratory is to develop novel chemical and biological processes to efficiently produce high value-added products from cheap raw materials. We can freely choose raw materials, methods and products, but we do our best to reduce the cost and environmental impacts. In order to realize the proposed process in the society, it is important to enhance the economics of the process. We thoroughly discuss to synthesize higher value-added products from cheaper raw materials, to maximize the productivity by increasing the reaction rate and/or yield, and to minimize the energy consumption by decreasing the operation temperature and using waste heat. Now, we are constructing the system of technologies to completely convert all components in the waste biomass to higher value-added product such as foods, chemicals and fuels and are introducing the proposed system to the society.

Main Research Themes

  • Efficient production process of liquid biofuels from waste biomass
  • Efficient separation process of bioactive compounds from waste biomass
  • Efficient production process of bio-surfactants from waste biomass