Tohoku University Department of Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biomolecular Engineering

Graduate Graduate

Three courses leading to graduate degrees are offered : Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Biomolecular Engineering.

The master's course usually requires 2 years to complete. About 100 Master of Engineering degrees are awarded each year. To complete the master's degree, students are required to take 20 credits via lectures. Students must submit a master's dissertation on their research project. A review and proposal based on research papers related to the research project are required. Students who complete the course work and pass the final oral examination of the research project are awarded the Master of Engineering degree.

The Doctoral course is offered for the students who wish to acquire the expertise and broader range of knowledge required of leaders in industry and academic research organizations. Complete of the doctoral course usually requires 3 years after completion of the master's degree. About 20 Doctor of Engineering degrees are awarded each year.

Doctoral course students study on special research projects design with the advice of the research group. Doctoral candidates complete a doctoral thesis that reports the methods and results of the research and includes publication in highly recognized international journals. Additionally, 6 credits via lectures and a presentation of a review and proposal of their research including their own publications are required for obtaining the docotral degree. Students must complete the required course work and pass an oral defense of their doctoral research for to be awarded the Doctor of Engineering degree.