Tohoku University Department of Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biomolecular Engineering

Graduate Graduate

Department of Applied Chemistry

Covering chemical and biomolecular engineering, the Department of Applied Chemistry aims to develop highly creative human resources able to innovate science and technology in chemistry and related fields, contributing to human welfare and global environmental protection.

In graduate school, students learn to apply chemistry techniques to analysis of the structures of matter at the atomic and molecular level, and to development of highly functional substances based on molecular design, synthesis of new materials, and high-sensitivity analytical methods. In the field of resource and energy chemistry, research aims include the development of environmental protection technologies.

Molecular Materials Design
(Matsumoto Lab.)
Resources and Enviroment
Energy Resource Chemistry (Tomishige Lab.)
Functional Macromolecular Chemistry (Mitsuishi Lab.)
Chemistry of Molecular Systems
Synthetic Chemistry of Advanced Materials (Takizawa Lab.)
Quantum Physical Chemistry (Asai Lab.)

Cooperative Laboratories

Environment Conserving Chemistry (Oi Lab.)
Hybrid Material Fabrication (Akutagawa Lab.)
Photo-Functional Material Chemistry (Nakagawa Lab.)
Polymer Physics and Chemistry (Jinnai Lab.)
Inorganic Materials for Chemical Transformation (Kato Lab.)