The Shiku group applies electrocheimcal methods to bioanalysis, chemical analysis, tissue engineeging.

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2020.09.09 [AWARD] Iwama (D2) received Poster Prize for 71st Annual ISE Meeting Belgrade Online

2020.03.09 [AWARD] Ito (M2) received Best Paper Award for Young Researcher in Bunsekikagaku (The Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry)

2020.03.03 [AWARD] Associate prof. Ino received Nakatani Award (Insentive Award)

2019.12.23 [AWARD] Yasunaga (M2) received Best Presentation Award: Platinum Award in the 1st Workshop for Young Researcher in Science on Interfacial Ion Dynamics for Solid State Ionics Devices

2019.11.21 [AWARD] Hino (M2) received Excellent Oral Award in the 40th Society for Chemistry and Micro-Nano Systems

2019.11.08 [AWARD] Ito (M2) received Excellent Poster Award in the International Joint Meeting of the Polarographic Society of Japan (PSJ) and National Taiwan University (NTU)

2019.10.25 [NEWS] "Imoni" party was held

2019.9.30 [AWARD] Zulkfily (M1) received Poster Award in Joint Meeting of the Tohoku Area Chemistry Societies 2019

2019.9.18 [AWARD] Iwama (D1) received GSES Scholarship Award

2019.9.4-5 [AWARD] Iwama (D1) and Ito (M2) received RSC Poster Award and Best Poster Award respectively in International Symposium on Analytical Electrochemistry 2019

2019.8.25-26 [NEWS] International Symposium on Analytical Electrochemistry 2019 was held