The 10th Japan-China Symposium on Coal and C1 Chemistry — Tsukuba International Congress Center@(2009.7.26-29)

Session E:Biomass utilization, carbon materials
2009.7.28 16:30-16:50

Catalyst development for the steam gasification of wood biomass: Suppression of aggregation of Ni metal particles
(University of Tsukuba, Graduate School of Pure and Applied Sciences JST CREST) Dalin Li, Lei Wang, Mitsuru Koike,
Shuichi Koso, Keiichi Tomishige
Session F:Natural gas utilization
2009.7.28 15:40-16:00

Syngas Production by Partial Oxidation of Natural Gas over Ceramics Foam Catalyst
(Chiyoda Corporation (R&D Center)) Shigeru Kado, Ken-ichi Imagawa, Hironori Kawai, Ken-ichi Kawazuishi, Takeshi Minami,
Hisanori Tanaka, Keiichi Tomishige, Yoshifumi Suehiro