AOC-SGC6 @ `sw(2016/11/27-30)

ySession 4z

ySession 5z

2016/11/28 (17:20 - 17:40) Direct Transformation of CO2 to Carbonate Derivatives Using a Heterogeneous CeO2 Catalyst
Masaumi Tamura, Tohoku University, Japan

ySession 8z

2016/11/29 (09:30 - 10:00) Heterogeneous Catalysis in Hydrodeoxygenation Reactions for the Production of Biomass-Derived Chemicals
Keiichi Tomishige, Tohoku University, Japan
2016/11/30 (11:50 - 12:10) Direct Synthesis of Methyl N-Phenylcarbamate from CO2, Aniline and Methanol Over CeO2 Catalyst with 2-Cyanopyridine Additive
Ayaka Miura, Tohoku University, Japan

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