10th Congress on Catalysis Applied to Fine Chemicals — abo akademi university(2013/6/16-19)

6ŒŽ19“ϊ(…) (12:00 ` 12:20)yHall 1z

O38 Selective oxidation of glycerol to dihydroxyacetone over Pd-Ag alloy catalyst
(Tohoku University, Japan) Y. Nakagawa, S. Hirasawa, K. Tomishige

6ŒŽ17“ϊ(ŒŽ) (17:00 ` 19:00)yHall 1z

P24 ReOx-Pd/SiO2Hydrogenolysis of erythritol to butanediols over rhenium-modified iridium catalyst
(Tohoku University, Japan) Amada, Tamura, Nakagawa, Tomishige

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