International Conference on Global Sustainability
and Chemical Engineering (ICGSCE)
— Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia
24-26 APRIL, 2012

24 APRIL, 2012 (First Day)

10.15 - 11.00 am
ICGSCE-1 Development of heterogeneous catalysts for the production of biomass-derived chemicals
Prof. Tomishige, K
2.30 - 2.55 pm
ICGSCE-3 Hydrogenolysis of glycerol over rhenium-modified iridium catalyst
›Ning, X-H, Y. Amada, Y. Nakagawa and K. Tomishige
2.55 - 3.20 pm
ICGSCE-4 Hydrogenation of stearic acid to 1-octadecanol over noble metal-Re catalyst
›N. Takeda, Y. Nakagawa and K. Tomishige
3.20 - 3.45 pm
ICGSCE-5 Heterogeneous CeO2 catalyst for the one-pot synthesis of methyl benzylcarbamate
from benzylamine, CO2 and Methanol
›K. Noro, M. Honda, S. Sonehara, Y. nakagawa and K. Tomishige

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