International Association of Colloid and Interface Scientists, Conference
— Sendai International Center(13.May.2012 - 18.May.2012)

áPoster Sessionâ

16.May, 12:00-14:00, Room P

S4P16-04 Tandem carboxylation-hydration reaction system from methanol,
CO2 and benzonitrile to dimethyl carbonate and benzamide catalyzed by cerium oxide
Masayoshi HONDA1, Kensuke NORO1, Ken-ichiro FUJIMOTO2, Kimihito SUZUKI2,
Yoshinao NAKAGAWA1, K. Tomishige1, 1Tohoku University, 2Nippon Steel Corporation
S4P16-07 Catalytic performance of Ni/Mg/Al catalyst in steam reforming of tar from biomass pyrolysis to synthesis gas
Dalin LI, Lei WANG, Mitsuru KOIKE, Yoshinao NAKAGAWA, Keiichi TOMISHIGE
S5P16-01 Catalytically active interface between iridium metal particles and rhenium oxide clusters for hydrogenolysis of glycerol
Yoshinao NAKAGAWA, Yasushi AMADA, Keiichi TOMISHIGE

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