Catbior 2011 - 1st International Congress on Catalysis for Biorefineries @ Torremolinos, Málaga, Spain (2011.10.2-5)

Oral Presentation

Otober 3rd  Plenary lecture  9:00-10:00
Catalytic Routes for Glycerol Valorization
Prof. K. Tomishige 

October 5th  15:15-15:30
O-36  Performance and Structure of Rh-ReOx/C in the Hydrogenolysis of Tetrahydropyran-2-methanol to 1,6-Hexanediol
K. Chen, Y. Nakagawa, K. Tomishige
Poster Presentation

October 4th Poster session  18:00-19:30
P-47  Steam reforming of tar from pyrolysis of biomass over Ni/Mg/Al catalysts prepared from hydrotalcite-like precursors
M. Koike, L. Wang, D. Li, Y. Nakagawa, K. Tomishige





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