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Most Cited Articles



Microstructures and photoactivity of mesoporous anatase hollow microspheres fabricated by fluoride-mediated self-transformation
Yu J., Liu S., Yu H.
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Catalysis by doped oxides: CO oxidation by AuxCe1-xO2
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A novel method for the synthesis of titania nanotubes using sonoelectrochemical method and its application for photoelectrochemical splitting of water
Mohapatra S.K., Misra M., Mahajan V.K., Raja K.S.
Volume 246, Issue 2, pp. 362-369


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Volume 246, Issue 1, pp. 52-59


Methane catalytic partial oxidation on autothermal Rh and Pt foam catalysts: Oxidation and reforming zones, transport effects, and approach to thermodynamic equilibrium
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Esterification and transesterification on tungstated zirconia: Effect of calcination temperature
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Processing biomass-derived oxygenates in the oil refinery: Catalytic cracking (FCC) reaction pathways and role of catalyst
Corma A., Huber G.W., Sauvanaud L., O'Connor P.
Volume 247, Issue 2, pp. 307-327


Surface modification of Ni catalysts with trace Pt for oxidative steam reforming of methane
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Volume 245, Issue 1, pp. 144-155


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Gold supported on Cu-Mg-Al-mixed oxides: Strong enhancement of activity in aerobic alcohol oxidation by concerted effect of copper and magnesium
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